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All members are welcome at international, national and local events.

These are exceptional occasions to come together, interact, network and create new bonds of friendship.




  • The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs was created under the 1901 French law regarding Associations with an International Headquarters based in Paris.
  • At its head is a President with a Grand Argentier, a Secretary General and a Board of Directors.
  • The day to day running is organized by National, Provincial and Local Bailliages.
  • A National Bailliage is managed by its Bailli Délégué (National President), assisted by a Council.




  • Members are inducted into the Chaîne at ‘Grand Chapitre’ gala events: three-day social and educational events that culminate in the induction of new members.
  • Members wear ribbons at such events which denote their level of membership, whether Professional or Non-professional.
  • These designations are standard in all Bailliages worldwide.